Kickstarting Kickstarter

Finally wrote my bio for I plan to have a project listed for my next short film, Killing Kevin in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!

ABOUT ME: Hi, my name is Steve Gast and I’m a filmmaker. Well, that’s enough about me, let’s talk about you. What are your hopes and dreams? What are you passionate about? What’s your favorite Star Wars movie? Phantom Menace, seriously? Let’s just keep that between us, ok?

The important thing is that I can relate to you. If you’re visiting this website, you’re most likely a creative spirit, unbound by the confines of society, yearning to express yourself in a dynamic, unique way. In other words, you’re a weirdo. Not to worry, you’re among friends here. Out in the real world, people react to your aspirations as if you told them you plan to open a McDonalds on the moon. Instead of sharing your enthusiasm, they respond with confusion and pity. Hey, I’ve been there. Unless you actually do plan to open a McDonalds on the moon, in which case, dude, you’re nuts! Subway has much better franchise benefits.

What I’m saying is I know where you’re coming from. When I was laid off from my Fortune 500 job two years ago, everyone treated me with sympathy. They were sorry I would no longer be able to work in shared cubicle eight to ten hours a day, sucking up to middle management, doing the same stressful yet boring tasks day after day until The Man had all but crushed my creative soul. They asked what I planned to do for employment. I told them I was going pursue my life long dream of making movies. I may as well have told them I planned to try out for the Detroit Pistons. Admittedly, I may have a shot at power forward this season.

The key is to take action and not to let other’s reactions affect your belief in yourself. Each day do something that gets you closer to your goal and builds your confidence. Since I lost my job I have worked on the crew of the short film Raised Alone which has won several awards and has been screened at film festivals all over the planet. I did public relations for Street Boss, the first feature ever filmed in my hometown of Saginaw, MI. I wrote and directed my first short film Last Call and am now in pre-production for my second short, Killing Kevin. I am working as a consulting producer on Zomedy, a full length horror-comedy filming later this fall. I have also completed two feature screenplays, one of which I will be producing next year. So when I meet someone, I can confidently look them in the eye and say, “Hi, I’m Steve Gast and I’m a filmmaker.”

Of course it never hurts to have a Plan B, so if this doesn’t work out, I will be exploring lunar fast food opportunities. That said my fellow weirdo, I hope you are beyond successful in making your creative dreams a reality. Thank you for taking time to read my page and best of luck in everything you do!


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