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The Bully

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I know the appropriate thing to say is “He was such a nice guy.”  I honestly can’t say that.  The truth  is Mike was a bully.  There’s no getting around it.  As a rule I hate bullies, but I can say Mike was an exception.  When he bullied you it was never personal or malicious.  It’s just who he was.

It was in my best interest to keep one eye on Mike at all times.  In football practice he would throw dirt in my eyes or grab my facemask and headbutt me so hard I saw stars.  In the hallway he would grab me without warning and throw me several feet.  Coming from anyone else that would really piss me off, but it was different with Mike.  I could never really explain it, but looking back now I think I know.  Mike was just fun to be around, despite the occasional bruises. 

Today I was shocked and sickened to read Mike passed away.  There were no details on how or why, only that he was gone.  It’s hard to imagine someone with his tenacious energy going so young.  He was a fierce competitor and he left the game far too early.

All I can do now is remember the good old days when he would beat the crap out of me.  Peace out ya big bully.  I hope we headbutt again some day.