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How it came to be…

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Two sabertooth tigers argued bitterly about their dinner. Or to be more accurate, their lack of dinner. They had devoured the last of their cavemen days ago and now their stomachs were growling violently. The cave was empty and there was no meal in sight.

Suddenly, one of the tigers had an epiphany. “We need to see the Great Saber on the Mountain. He’s the wisest of all of us. If anyone knows how to find food, he will.” The other tiger agreed and so they set out on a perilous journey up the mountain. After seven days through blinding snow and howling wind, they made it to the top.

Sitting serenely at the mountain’s peak, the Great Saber asked “What wisdom do you seek, my young cubs?” One of the tiger’s responded “Great Saber, we have eaten the last of our cavemen and now we are starving. What can we do?”

“Ah” the Great Saber replied. “Listen closely, for I will now share with you the secret of happiness. Eat a man and you will be full for a day. Train a man to feed you and you will be full for a lifetime.” The tigers reflected on this and soon their eyes grew wide with comprehension. “Now go, my cubs” said the Great Saber, “share what you have learned and embrace of future of prosperity.”

One million years later, Muffin sits on the table staring intently at my food. He licks his lips in anticipation. An overwhelming urge ingrained in my ancestors compels me to break off a piece of sausage and give it to him. This is probably for the best. After all, it’s better to share dinner than be dinner.