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Going postal

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Post office guy correctly guesstimated my package would cost one dollar to mail.

POST OFFICE GUY: That must make me half psychic. Not sure what the other half is.

What’s in a name?

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

I envision a day when the screen fades to black on my first feature film. The audience leaps to their feet applauding, spilling their popcorn and Milk Duds everywhere. Their cheers are deafening as they weep with joy right up to the end credit: “A SG Entertainment Film”…

“So that’s what you’re calling your company?” my girlfriend asked. It caught me a little off guard. Of course I was calling it SG Entertainment. I had used it as my mobile DJ company name for seven years. This was just the natural progression. SG Entertainment for all your wedding, prom, and epic sci-fi action feature film needs. Won’t even need to change the brochure that much.

“It’s just kind of…you know..” she said.

“Boring?” I said.

“Yeah.” she answered. She wanted to know why I couldn’t do something cute or funny or cool. It didn’t have to be fancy, just original. She cited Mutant Enemy’s infamous “Grr Arrgh” monster as an example. This was a sneaky tactic on her part. She knows that the Geek Pledge requires me to worship all things Joss Whedon. Beyond that though, she still had a point. Even a stone cold Buffy basher would smile when they see that little guy lurch across the screen.

Therefore I am open to parting with my beloved SG Entertainment for something more memorable. And because the general public is never wrong I will also open it up for voting. The five options will of course all be based on my cats:

* Pumpkin Productions (alternate: Fluffykins Features)

* Fangy Jack Films

* Big Bellied Babycat Pictures

* Biscuit n Gravy Productions

* Naughty Muffin Entertainment

Vote for your favorite or suggest something better so I can incorporate it and say it was my idea. I will of course compensate you with a speaking role in my next film (up to two words), front row seats to the premiere, a large popcorn and box of Milk Duds, and one free cat of your choice.