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And the common sense award goes to…

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

A well known and loved celebrity is staying at the hotel where you work. When you go to clean his room you find him unconscious lying unnaturally at the foot of the bed. There are several prescription bottles scattered throughout the room. Do you:

A) Call 911 immediately, then check for a pulse and if necessary start CPR.

B) Use his cell phone to call Mary-Kate Olson for advice.

C) Use his cell phone to call Mary-Kate Olson for advice, wait several minutes and then call Mary-Kate Olson for advice again. Wait several more minutes, and finally call 911.

D) Kick him in the head several times while shouting “Brokeback Mountain was overrated!”

If you answered “C”, you might have a bright future waiting for you at one of Mary-Kate Olson’s well respected housing establishments.

Chicago Science and Industry pics! (click them to enbigify)

Friday, January 11th, 2008


Driving my hovercraft. I putzed around but couldn’t get it to zoom the way the six year olds could.


I was in the bathroom when these guys walked by. Caught a glimpse of them later, but sadly missed C-3PO all together.


I was posing with Bobba Fett when some jerk came up next to me to get in the picture. After it was taken I turned to punch him and was suprised to find myself face to face with Obi Wan! I still punched him of course.


After we were all Star Warsed out, my mom, sister and I decided to take the silver bullet home. Eventually I determined the train doesn’t move, but I think mom and Beth are still sitting on it now.