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Thursday Thirteen

Thursday, December 20th, 2007
Thirteen Ways My Cats Help Around The House

Far from being furry freeloaders, my cats definitely pull their weight…

1. Who needs a dishwasher? – Used plates and silverware are licked spotless, saving hundreds of dollars in water and electricity.

2. Dressing warm for the winter is not a problem – The extra layer of cat hair on all our clothes keeps us nice and cozy.

3. Save the Earth by recycling – Items such as plastic bottle caps, ribbons, and Legos are sucked in through the front of the cat, processed, packaged and delivered through the back end.

4. Holiday helpers – They drink from the Christmas tree water bowl to ensure the tree does not overhydrate.

5. Safety first – Kitty scratches are a great reminder to keep the first aid drawer stocked.

6. Stimulating the economy – Wallmart would probably go out of business if not for the 18 tons of kitty litter we buy every month.

7. Damn thirteen is a lot of numbers! Let’s call this the 7th inning stretch. This is best performed by digging your claws into the $500 couch for leverage.

8. Remodeling – Our cupboards no longer have that dated 70′s darkwood look since they stripped the paint.

9. Everyone wants to be a star – It’s impossible not to feel like a celebrity when they watch every little thing you do from laundry to peeing.

10. Zen and the art of licking yourself – They will sit and take a bath on whatever book you are about to read, preventing you from cluttering your mind with unnecessary facts.

11. Security – Whenever someone comes to the door, they will leap to our protection. Provided we are hiding under the couch at the time.

12. Tech support – Ever want to turn everything on your monitor sideways? Just leave your laptop open in an area of high kitty traffic (i.e. the kitchen table).

13. The unbreakable emotional bond – Although they can’t talk, I know when they nuzzle my arm and look at me with warm affection in their eyes, they are saying “I love you so much! Also, can I have some of the pizza you are currently eating?”

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Pop Quiz

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Which one is Biscuit and which one is the dead mole?

Dead mole.jpg

Biscuit the Mole.jpg

Biscuit invents new sport for ESPN 8

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Yesterday Biscuit took fetch to a whole new level: FETCH X-TREME

He would start in a three point stance with his claws firmly planted in my chest and a straw clenched in his teeth.

I would take the straw, give the command “Ohmygodgetoffme!” and throw it as far as I could.

Biscuit would then jump down, run break neck speed to the straw, grab it in his mouth, run back, climb me like a tree and deliver the straw face to face.

I want pads and a helmet next time we play.