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Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

When I work out, my main goal isn’t to be noticed or draw attention to myself. I like to go in invisible mode, get in, get it done and get out. Yet for the second time this year all eyes were on me. Not because of my Adonis physique or ability to squat six thousand pounds. No, what put me in the spotlight today was my continuing dramatic assault on the gym equipment.

I was over at the cable machine doing my normal routine of overhead tricep extensions. I decided to add a little more weight. To compensate for the extra pounds I employed the snapwhump lifting technique. This is where you extend your arms to the point you hear a “snap”, the sound of the cable breaking, followed by a “whump”, the sound of your body hitting the floor.

I slowly got up to find everyone in the gym looking at me. A few asked if I was ok but fortunately all I had bruised was my pride. I took the broken cable piece over to the front desk and asked them how much it was going to cost me. The trainer said “Don’t worry about it. That happened to me once too.” I think he was lying though, obviously jealous of my brute strength.