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being prodded to write again

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

I admit my posts have been a bit sparse as of late. With no DJing or certifiable roommate, things have dulled down a bit. Can’t really write about my job and even if I did, it would just depress me more. Beyond soul sucking. It actually sucked my soul clean out a long time ago, and has since moved on to my other possessions, like my socks. Last night two socks went in the dryer and one came out. Stupid sock-sucking job!

Girlfriend suggested I write about things that interest me. But so much has already been written about David Hasselhoff – what more is there to say really?

Which leaves me with my exciting life. Today’s highlight came in the bathroom today. I looked in the mirror and noticed one of my eye-lashes was sticking out, giving me a somewhat unmanly appearance. I tried to pull it out and only managed to accentuate it. I’m downright pretty now. I try to pull it out again, only to yank its neighbors instead. Now I have a long lash and a small bald spot. There goes my promising career with Revlon.