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drunk people things the darndest say…

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005

At dinner an intoxicated groomsman asked his parents:

“Did you see the bride’s flower buffet?”

mmm tasty flowers.


As I was about to press play on a hip-hop song, a drunk guy handed me $20 and commanded me to play nothing but hip-hop for the rest of night. I told him that I can’t play it for the whole night, but I will work some in. He insisted I take the money and play hip hop. I played some hip-hop and he was happy.


Drunk bridesmaid approached asking for 80′s. I told her I could in a bit but someone just paid $20 for some hip-hop so I had to play a few more booty shaking songs. She said ok and disappeared.

A couple minutes later she came back and said “All right I have the money, now play some 80′s”. She handed me $20. Hey, I think I could be on to something here!

By that point I had played enough hip-hop to appease the drunk guy, so I transitioned in to the 80′s thereby satisfying drunk bridesmaid. Both went home feeling they had gotten there money’s worth.

The funny thing is I would have played the exact same hip-hop and 80′s songs if they hadn’t requested them, let alone pay for them. The important thing though is that they left happy.

And so did I.