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The Windy Faboo

Thursday, June 10th, 2004

Nothing exciting here, just a summary of stuff to do in Chicago. (This is a letter to one of my customers in Massetchusetesesests who is contemplating a visit to the big town)

This will look a little weird but our last trip to Chicago is documented by my girlfriend’s traveling bunny:

If you scroll through the pics, you can see links to info on some of the places we went. The Science and Industry museum in particular is definitely worth checking out. (They have a great movie making exhibit right now which you can read about on their webpage (If you go to their site and download “Escape from Zircon” trailer #1496, you can see my 5 seconds of fame as an evil henchman getting punched out by the heroine)

The other museums are also great, especially the Field Museum which has every thing from dinosaurs to mummies. -Documented again by Bonnie Bunny on an earlier trip:

scroll down till you see the Field Museum and Sue the Dinosaur.
(Actually we haven’t even made it yet to the giant Seaquarium or the Planetarium)

You’ll also see pics of The Lego Store -click here to see me hanging out with Lego Darth Vader and R2D2:
which is in the Nordstroms plaza on Michigan Avenue. If you or your wife likes shopping, Michigan Avenue is the place to be – but be warned of scary price tags.

Navy Pier is a great place for people new to Chicago, with boat rides, shopping centers, omni max theater, exhibits, restaurants and a giant ferris wheel from which you can get a great view of the whole city:

Also at Navy Pier is the Shakespear Theater. We saw a show by a Second City group (they are like Saturday Night Live comedians) who did a hilarious musical version of Romeo and Juliet.

There is always some festival or event going on in Grant Park:
Last week it was Gospel Fest. Last summer they had a dance festival with free instructions and dancing, varying from Swing Dance to Salsa – I hear they are expanding it even more this summer.

And if you just want to lay in the sun, there is the public beach on Lake Michigan (but it will be crowded!). There are also rail trails the entire length of the shoreline for walking/jogging/rollerblading/biking.

As far as food goes, deep dish pizza is king in Chicago. My favorite is Giordanos:

but Gino’s East is also excellent

and Uno’s is pretty good

For getting around town, I strongly recommend public transportation, as anywhere you park will charge around $30. The public transit is very good, but you need to know how it works in advance or you will spend two hours on a bus going nowhere like we did.
You can get day passes that are good for both the buses and trains. If you get lost, there are taxi’s everywhere.

The only thing I can’t really tell you about is where to stay, as we always crash at my parent’s apartment. There are lots of hotels, but just accept that the closer to you get to downtown, the more expensive it will be.

Definitely worth a trip, so good luck!